How to Get Life Insurance With Hepatitis

How to Get Life Insurance With Hepatitis

When you have a chronic health condition like hepatitis, it can be difficult to get life insurance coverage. Since customers with health problems are more likely to file claims, insurance companies will often charge higher rates or even deny coverage to these people. However, if you have any form of Read More »
What Is an MIB Report for Insurance?

What Is an MIB Report for Insurance?

When you apply for life insurance, your insurance provider will look at a number of different factors to determine the overall cost of your policy. During the insurance underwriting process, you may hear a number of different buzzwords and phrases that are new to you. Insurance companies may reference your Read More »
why you need life insurance

Why You Need Life Insurance Coverage

You may be like many people that you know and you probably want to avoid the "life insurance conversation". You probably want to avoid thinking about death, and you probably think that you have plenty of time to build enough assets for your family to survive with or without you. Read More »
10 year term life insurance

10-Year Term Life Insurance Policies Explained

Term life insurance is one of the most popular types of life insurance on the market. Unlike whole life insurance, it only covers you for a specific period of time, after which it expires and you would need to buy a new policy. It’s much more affordable than permanent life Read More »
company-owned life insurance

What Is Company-Owned Life Insurance?

Company-owned life insurance is a unique type of insurance policy that companies purchase to insure their high ranking employees. They are sometimes referred to as corporate-owned life insurance, or COLI, and these policies aren’t particularly common. However, they can be very complex. Here’s what you need to know about company-owned Read More »
AARP Review

AARP Reviewed and Rated

AARP, or the American Association of Retired Persons, is an organization that provides support and benefits to older Americans. It is a members-only organization that boasts a member base of over 38 million. Not only does AARP offer discounts on insurance policies from many different providers, but you can also Read More »
Life Insurance Reserves are Important

Should I Worry About A Life Insurance Company’s Reserves?

Every life insurance company is required to have reserve funds to pay out customer claims. Many insurance companies will list details about their reserves as an attempt to impress customers and make them feel more secure. After all, you want to know that your insurance company has the funds to Read More »
Spanish speakers talking about life insurance

Life Insurance For Spanish Speakers

Finding life insurance is difficult for anyone, but it can be particularly difficult to find the right policy if you don’t speak the same language as the people around you. The community of Spanish speakers in the United States is growing quickly, and many companies are starting to cater to Read More »

What Is A Life Insurance Beneficiary?

The beneficiary of a life insurance policy is the person who gets the money when it is claimed upon the death of the insured person.  The amount that they will be paid is known as the death benefit of the policy.  The death benefit is the payout paid by the Read More »
Get Life Insurance with Alzheimer's Disease

Life Insurance with Alzheimer’s Disease

Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia are incredibly difficult to deal with, whether it’s happening to you or to someone else. Unfortunately, most cases of Alzheimer’s result in death eventually, although life span can be prolonged with treatment. If you or a loved one is suffering from Alzheimer’s, you’re probably Read More »
What Type of Life Insurance Does Suze Orman Recommend?

What Life Insurance Does Suze Orman Recommend?

Choosing a good life insurance provider and policy can be very overwhelming, and it makes sense to seek expert advice before choosing a policy. Suze Orman is an expert financial advisor and media personality that is well-respected for her podcasts and New York Times best-selling books on finance. She’s also Read More »
Life Insurance Premium Paying Family

What Is A Life Insurance Premium

A life insurance premium is a payment made to the life insurance company, to pay for a life insurance policy.  Premium can also contribute to growing the cash value of a permanent type of life insurance.  This term is also applied to payments remitted for annuity contracts both fixed and Read More »
variable life performance

How the Stock Market Affects Variable Life Insurance

Variable life insurance is a permanent life insurance policy that also where the cash value growth is partially dependent on investment performance.  To tie the cash value to investments, the policy has a cash value account that is invested in a number of sub-accounts available within the policy. A sub-account Read More »

What You Can Buy with Life Insurance Proceeds

With a life insurance payout, you are able to use that money for whatever you find necessary to purchase once you receive it. In other words, you can use it for anything.  Life insurance payouts are a great way to find peace of mind after a loved one is to Read More »
life insurance for seniors

Life Insurance for Senior Citizens

As you are getting older, you may be starting to think about life insurance on a more frequent basis. You may be having questions about purchasing life insurance as a senior citizen or possibly even expanding any existing coverage that you have. Rest assured that it is never too late Read More »
Term Insurance Pri

Term Life Insurance Prices 2019

If you’re looking for affordable life insurance, chances are you’re going to go with a term life insurance policy. Life insurance prices are always fluctuating, and before you start shopping, it’s helpful to know what the average cost of a policy is, so you can determine if you are getting Read More »
survivorship life insurance

What is Survivorship Life Insurance?

Married couples have a few extra options to consider when it comes to choosing their life insurance plan. It may be easier to insure both people together than to get separate insurance policies for both of you. One of the most well-known types of joint insurance policies for couples is Read More »
contingent beneficiary

What is a Contingent Beneficiary?

When signing up for life insurance, one of the things you’ll be asked to do on the paperwork is name a primary and contingent beneficiary. You probably already know what a beneficiary is - the person who receives the financial benefits of your life insurance policy when you pass away. Read More »
life insurance fraud

What Are The Different Types of Life Insurance Fraud?

Many people don’t realize it, but life insurance fraud is a serious crime with potentially serious consequences. It’s surprisingly common, and it’s more difficult to get away with than you might think. It’s very important to know what the law is surrounding life insurance so that you don’t commit fraud Read More »
how to cancel your life insurance policy

How to Cancel Your Life Insurance Policy

While life insurance is intended to be held throughout your entire life, there may be times when it makes the most sense to cancel the policy. Unfortunately, canceling your life insurance policy can be tricky. Your insurance company doesn’t want you to cancel, so they make the process very difficult Read More »
guaranteed universal life insurance

Guaranteed Universal Life Insurance Explained

When shopping for life insurance, there are a lot of confusing terms that get thrown around, and it can be difficult to determine exactly which type of insurance is right for you. One of the terms that you might hear is guaranteed universal life insurance. In this article, we’ll clarify Read More »
spousal rider life insurance

What is a Spousal Rider?

A rider within life insurance is categorized as something that you can add on to your life insurance policy and can provide substantial benefit coverage, all depending on what the rider covers. A common type of rider would be a spousal rider, which is a form of rider pertaining to Read More »

Life Insurance & Genetic Testing: Does it Affect Rates

Genetic testing has become very popular lately, with companies like 23andMe popularizing at-home DNA testing kits. Many people are choosing to get their DNA tested to learn more about their heritage, but DNA testing can also provide you with interesting information about your genetic background and what sort of diseases Read More »
life insurance matures

What Does it Mean for a Life Insurance Policy to Mature?

Maturity of your insurance policy is looked at as neither positive nor negative, but it is important to understand what exactly it means and how it pertains to your financial plans/future. A “maturity date” pertains to two forms of life insurance policies, such as a term insurance policy or a Read More »
life insurance for college students

Life Insurance For College Students

As a college student, life insurance is probably the last thing on your mind. You’re focused on doing well in classes and preparing for your future career. However, taking out life insurance as a college student can give you and your family some peace of mind in case an accident Read More »

Life Insurance Loans

Permanent life insurance policies with sufficient cash value normally allow for policy owners to pull money from their policy in the form of a loan.  Loans from life insurance policies can have distinct tax advantages, and they do not permanently reduce the death benefit paid to beneficiaries.  Here we discuss Read More »

Buying Your First Life Insurance Policy

Buying life insurance for the first time can feel daunting.  Not only do you need to think about your mortality, which is highly unpleasant, you also are faced with the task of choosing a complicated insurance product being sold by a lot of companies.  Sometimes, you can talk to three Read More »

How to Buy Life Insurance On A Budget

Life insurance is important - it will cover funeral expenses and support your dependents in the event of your death. Many people don’t think they need life insurance, but it’s always important to have, because you never know what’s going to happen, and you don’t want to leave your dependents Read More »

Term Insurance Rider Explained

Any insurance rider is an additional feature of a policy. A term insurance rider is an add-on to a permanent life insurance policy, most often a whole life insurance policy.  The term rider adds additional life insurance, but instead of being permanent the additional coverage expires.  For the length of Read More »
life insurance lump sum payment

Is Life Insurance Paid out in a Lump Sum?

Life insurance is a necessity for individual’s today that are seeking to provide financial security for their family and loved ones. With millions of people paying for life insurance, many beneficiaries do not understand how exactly the payout works when someone passes away. This means understanding how quickly benefits are Read More »
return of premium life insurance

What Is Return of Premium Life Insurance?

You’re more than likely unfamiliar with return of premium life insurance. A relatively unpopular option (accounting for just 2% of term life sales, according to a study by LIMRA, it’s a type of policy that most people overlook when it comes to buying life insurance. But return of premium life Read More »
1035 exchange

What is a 1035 Exchange?

As the name suggests, a 1035 exchange is an exchange of contracts covering annuity contracts, life insurance policies, long-term care policies, and endowments. However, there are specific rules and regulations in place to ensure proper processing of the exchange. Therefore, it’s important to understand the guidelines before switching out your Read More »
pre-existing medical condition and life insurance

Can You Get Life Insurance with Pre-Existing Conditions?

When you have a pre-existing condition, it suddenly becomes more difficult to get health insurance coverage, but what about life insurance policies? It’s true that life insurance companies can deny people for a variety of reasons, but fortunately, there is coverage available for nearly everyone, regardless of any pre-existing conditions. Read More »
whole life insurance cheaper over time

Why Whole Life Insurance Gets Cheaper Over Time

Life insurance is one of the best investments you can make. It provides your loved ones with financial protection when you pass away, offering them – and you – peace of mind. But, if you’re shopping around for life insurance, you’re going to find that there are a few different Read More »

Are Brighthouse Financial and MetLife the Same Thing?

In 2017, MetLife, one of the biggest providers of Life Insurance in the United States, established Brighthouse Financial. The purpose of MetLife establishing Brigthouse Financial was so that the insurance provider could focus solely on selling life insurance, as well as annuities, to individuals. MetLife still continues to exist, but Read More »

All About Voluntary Life Insurance

When it comes to life insurance plans, there are so many different options to choose from. Different policies offer different advantages and different coverages. Two of the most common types of life insurance policies include term life (only effective for a predetermine period of time) and permanent life (insurance coverage Read More »
cash value vs face value

Difference Between Cash Value and Face Value in Life Insurance

If you have a permanent life insurance policy, there are two terms that you should familiarize yourself with: cash value and face value. As the name suggests, a permanent life insurance policy offers permanent coverage because it offers coverage for the entire span of your life, rather than just a Read More »
life insurance claim denied

Reasons Why Your Life Insurance Claim Might be Denied

The death of a loved one is hard enough, but finding out that a life insurance claim was denied can make the loss even harder. While there’s no amount of money that can ever replace the one you lost, it can certainly help to ease your worry – especially if Read More »

Can I Claim Life Insurance as a Business Expense?

Life insurance is one of the best investments you can make. Not only does it provide your loved ones with financial stability when you pass away, but if you own a business, it can also protect your company. If you’re a business owner, you might be wondering if your life Read More »

Are Life Insurance Payouts Taxable

If you have a family, it’s likely that you invested in life insurance as a way to provide your loved ones with financial security in the event that you pass away. However, you may be wondering if, when you do pass away, the proceeds from your life insurance policy will Read More »

Can you Borrow From Life Insurance to Buy a Home?

If you are buying a home, you know how expensive it can be.  The median home price is about $200,000 in 2017 and rising quickly.  In some markets you will be hard pressed to find a home for less than $500,000.  A standard mortgage requires a 20% down payment.  In Read More »

Life Insurance with Cancer and How to Get it

You can get life insurance if you have cancer.  We help our clients obtain valuable policies every day when they have cancer or any number of other serious diseases.  The caveat is that the process is a bit more involved than the standard way.  It will take a little more Read More »

Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance Explained

Guaranteed issue life insurance is a form of "no medical exam life insurance".  Just like it sounds from the name, a life insurance company can not deny a policy if someone applies for a guaranteed issue policy.  While this sounds great, there are some very important catches to this type Read More »

Single Premium Life Insurance Explained

A financial advisor may propose a single premium life insurance policy instead of a policy that requires annual premiums, typically to high-end clients.  A single premium life policy also known as (SPL) is a pretty straightforward life insurance concept, but this type of policy has some nuances that are important. Read More »