The COVID-19 pandemic has changed a lot in the world, and we are doing everything that we can to continue to serve our clients and community during these trying times.  While many families and individuals are affected in a variety of ways, we are working to help ease the burden where we can.

Life Ant Continues to Serve Clients

During times like this, financial security can mean more than ever.  The threat of losing financial support is scary.  By focusing our efforts on our online business, we have been able to maintain business continuity even during the pandemic.  We are able to work with clients 100% remotely, on a one by one basis using technology solutions.

If you need help with life insurance or financial planning, our experienced team is here to service your needs.  Learn more about Coronavirus and life insurance.

Life Ant Supports Workers

Where not necessary, working in an office can pose a risk that many workers do not wish to take.  With technological solutions being as easy to implement and as reliable as they are today, Life Ant is able to support a remote office, work from home business environment.  We understand that some of our team members have children and family members who need care or help with their schooling.  As much as we can, we are giving our staff the flexibility to manage their family and work lives, in a balanced way.  We know we will get through this.

Life Ant Supports the Community

We know that many people in our communities need help.  We support causes that help relieve both the medical and psychological burden of the coronavirus pandemic.  If you have a worthwhile cause related to COVID-19 that can use our support, please contact us at to tell us how we may be able to help.