Life Ant was started by Thomas Rockford in January 2014, with the goal of fitting each of our educated clients with the lowest-cost life insurance policy.

Through our quote comparison tool, clients can compare the costs of different life insurance providers.  After reviewing their options and choosing the policy that fits their requirements the best, clients have the option to speak with an agent from their chosen company.

Clients can browse our life insurance blog and life insurance guide for tips on reducing life insurance costs, as well as ways that life insurance may benefit them and improve their lives.  We provide a large reference for all life insurance terminology because we believe that educating our clients leads to their ultimate satisfaction.

Life insurance is a multifaceted tool that our clients can use in numerous ways, and we want our clients to understand how they can maximize their insurance for their benefit.  At Life Ant, we also believe that no one should pay more for life insurance than they need to.  Because we are not paid commissions on sales, our goals are aligned with our clients, unlike traditional life insurance agents.

We believe that the old model for selling life insurance, where agents from each company only push their own companies’ products on clients, is outdated and inefficient.  By comparing life insurance rates across providers, Life Ant brings a spirit of competitive fairness to the marketplace.

Life Ant is based in Manhattan, New York.  CEO Thomas Rockford leads Life Ant and ingrains in the organization his philosophy of a client-centric focus.

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