You may be able to get a refund, or a partial refund when you cancel your life insurance policy.  Depending upon your type of policy, you may also get a payout of the cash value in your policy.

A life insurance policy is a wise investment, but it’s also a financial commitment. In exchange for providing your loved ones with financial protection when you pass away, you are required to pay your life insurance provider a pre-determined amount of money. This amount of money is known as a premium, and you must pay it every month in order for your life insurance to be effective. In other words, if you fail to pay it and you pass away, your coverage will end and the life insurance provider will deny your beneficiary’s claim.

With all of that said, the cost of life insurance can certainly add up, especially considering the fact that most policies are effective for a period of 30 years or more. If you have been paying your premiums on your policy but you decide to cancel your coverage, you may be wondering if you can get a refund. If you have purchased a return of premium term life insurance policy, purchasing a policy that offers permanent coverage, or by selling your policy, you can receive a refund. However, there are advantages and disadvantages to these options. Keep on reading to learn more.

How Can You Receive a Refund for a Term Life Insurance Policy?

If you have purchased a term life insurance policy with a return of premium, you can receive a refund for your premiums. This type of policy is just what the name suggests: when the term of the policy is up, your insurance provider will return your premiums to you.

Typically, you will receive the entire sum of the premiums you have paid, and that money will not be taxed; however, any fees or the cost of any additional riders that were added to the policy may not be returned. Also, the cost of this type of policy is usually higher than a standard term policy, and that’s understandable. Since your insurance provider will be returning the premiums when the term expires, they will charge more for premiums; typically, the cost is about 30 percent more than a standard term policy.

Most term life insurance policies do not have a return of premium component.  If you have a traditional term life insurance policy, you won’t be refunded your premiums when the coverage period has ended.

What if you End Coverage Early?

There is one possible time when you get a small refund on a term life insurance policy, and it is if you have pre-paid for the coming year.  If you cancel before the end of the period that you have pre-paid for, you may get a pro-rated refund.  For instance, if you are at the start of the 6th month of the policy year, and you paid for the whole year, your life insurance company may be willing to refund you 50% of your annual premium.  More often, having pre-paid, someone will choose to let their coverage extend until the end of the period the payment covered.

What About a Whole Life Insurance Policy?

If you are interested in receiving a refund for the premiums you have paid on your life insurance after you cancel the policy, you can also purchase a whole life, or permanent life insurance policy, with a cash value feature.

The cash value feature of a whole life insurance policy increases over the span of the policy. That means that you will receive money back if you cancel because of the growth rate of the policy. There are a few ways that you can take advantage of the cash value feature of a whole life insurance policy.

  • You can take out a loan against the policy
  • You can surrender your policy and your insurance provider will issue you a check

If your financial needs are complex, the cash value feature of a whole life insurance policy can be beneficial. However, it’s important to keep in mind that the cost of whole life insurance is typically much higher than other types of life insurance coverage. There are also guidelines and fees that apply to this type of policy, which can make it a bit confusing.

How Can You Get Money Back for Selling Your Life Insurance Policy?

If you are interested in receiving money back after you have paid the premiums on your life insurance, another option is to sell your policy; however, generally, this isn’t the best idea.  When you sell a life insurance policy it is known as a viatical settlement.  Firstly, your loved ones will no longer have financial protection. Secondly, it’s likely that you won’t receive the full value of the policy. Thirdly, it can be difficult to find someone to purchase your life insurance policy because the buyer is essentially purchasing the rights of the death benefit that the policy provides.

Is Getting Money Back on Your Life Insurance a Wise Idea?

Above, we discussed three ways in which you can get cashback on your life insurance policy after you paid your premiums. While these options might be tempting, generally, they aren’t recommended. You could end up having to pay more out of pocket, you may not receive the full amount of coverage, and your loved ones may not receive the financial protection that they need when you pass away.  You also lose your coverage.  It will probably be more expensive if you want to get the same amount of coverage later.  If you have already canceled your policy, you can see what it will cost you to replace it here on Life Ant by getting a quote.


  1. An agent in 2015 sold my husband and I a 20 years life insurance policy with TransAmerica, my husband lost his job and he had to cancel, could that amount that he paid through his checking account go towards my policy.


    1. Hi Doreen,
      Unfortunately you will not be able to apply that money towards your policy. The money paid into a term life insurance policy goes 100% to cover the cost of insurance, and there is no cash value account. Any money paid into the policy was the charge for your husband to have insurance. The only way you could possibly get money back, is if your husband pre-paid, and he gets a pro-rated return of premium on cancellation. It would be extremely rare to pre-pay for any period longer than 1 year, and the insurance company may not offer pro-rated refunds for term life. You need to check with transamerica to see their policy.

      1. My spouse purchased
        Insurance policy from ?and it got sold to Transamerica back in his early years when when he first married.
        Back in 1996 or 1997
        He recieved a phone call regarding the policy. He had completely forgotten about it. He was told he could cancel or pay the outstanding balance. $1700. Approximate. He was told that the value of the stock was $.05. We paid the outstanding balance
        And he should hold on to it. Well,he sold some
        of it and held onto the
        rest. He has been collecting dividends quarterly. My accountant told me his stocks has value. My husband didn’t think so because it’s common stock.Today it’s value is $89.00 Approximate.
        Since the bull market he has lost $7,000.
        You never know what you have until you explore your options and value. Read your paperwork

  2. I purchased a term life policy with a return of premium rider from Interstate Assurance Company in November 2000. Interstate merged with Protective Life Insurance Company effective 7/1/02. I have been paying premiums each month since. I’m currently contemplating cancelling this policy and wanted to know what if anything I could expect to receive from having this policy for almost 19 years.

    1. Hi Yolanda,

      Unfortunately, term life insurance does not hold any cash value. A cash value policy would have had much higher premium payments, so the value that you had was saving money for 19 years while having life insurance coverage. You should not expect to receive anything. There is one instance where it is possible to get money back. If your policy is a “return of premium” policy, you may be entitled to a return of payments made into the policy. The only way to know for sure is to check with Protective Life.

      1. Took a life insurance policy for me and my wife we had this for awhile yrs time got hard and after all the work and payment we put in it we lost it now after paying that much money for yrs we lost our coverage and policy can we get anything back it’s been a few years but have all my paperwork please help

        1. David, unfortunately, you most likely can not recover anything at this point. You can call the life insurance company and see if a short enough time has elapsed to reinstate the policy, but it sounds like too much time has passed to do this.

  3. I have whole life insurance that I’ve been paying on 10 years now and just switched to another insurer paying less a month but I’m getting more on my life insurance. I’m cashing out on my previous insurance. I’ve paid 45 dollars for ten years, shouldn’t I have cash value after paying on it that long? Any guess what that could add up to?

    1. Hi Latoya. Yes, you can expect to have some surrender value to your whole life policy. How much is dependent upon your face amount, health rating, dividend experience, dividend option, and whether or not you took any loans out of the policy. You can find out what your cash value is by contacting your insurance company. It is the only way to know for sure.

  4. I have a policy term of whole of Life insurance and was paying the premium for 6 years on a monthly basis for 200USD. We decide not to continue the policy. Can we get a full refund of our money we paid in 6 years? Thank you for your advice.

    1. Hi Kim. A whole life policy should have cash value after 6 years of paying premiums. The full surrender value may not be equal to the amount of money that you paid into the policy depending upon a number of factors such as dividends paid, the dividend option that you chose, whether or not a policy loan is outstanding, the premiums that you paid relative to the face amount, your cost of insurance, and if there are any surrender charges. You will need to check with your insurance company to be sure.

  5. My insurance with sunlife only pays out when I pass away but am paying premiers if I cancel insurance policy cani get my premier back plus the full amount of insurance money am cover for .

    1. Hi Miss Hutchinson. No, no insurance company is going to pay a death claim while you are alive unless you are terminally ill. You can only get premiums back if you have a return of premium policy. Think about this logic of this for a minute, if you have $50,000 of coverage, you may have paid in $1,000. If the insurance company pays you back $51,000, all they would have done was lose $51,000 on the deal. That isn’t a business that will be around more than a week.

      1. Mrs. N. C. Mosunkutu

        I have Classic Life Plan with Discovery which I took 1st August 2016 as my Age next was 66 and Premiums high. Due to Covid19, I can no longer go and do some bussiness or part times. If I cancell, will I get some refund ? Monthly premium is 3369.00.

        1. Andrew @ LifeAnt

          Hi Mrs. N,
          No, you probably won’t get a refund. Life insurance policies typically never refund money if you have to cancel the policy. It’s an unfortunate situation, but you could perhaps try to see if your company is willing to grant you any leniency due to the situation.

  6. Several years ago, when changing jobs I had a life insurance policy get cashed out. Unaware of this, when I got the check I thought it was a scam and tossed it. At the end of the year I got a W-form to claim the money and pay taxes on it. Now, realizing this was not a scam, is there any way for me to get this check re-issued? Do I have any options to actually get this money? This was approximately 6-7 years ago.

    1. Hi Joe,

      I would suggest two actions. The first would be contacting the insurance company that issued the policy. They MAY be able to reissue the check. More likely, check with your State as it is probably unclaimed money. Start here on your search. Good luck!

      1. Hey my name is John is it possible to get a cash value off my 24 hour insurance?
        Or if they cancel me off the policy is it possible to get back what I have being for my insurance over the years

        1. Andrew @ LifeAnt

          Hi John,
          It depends on what type of policy you have. If you have a term policy, there is no cash value. If you have a whole life or other type of permanent policy, then yes you would have cash value and can take some of that out. If you do have cash value, you can take it all out and the policy will cancel.

  7. Hello there,
    About 2 years ago me and my husband signed up for American Income Life Insurance for my son. We pay $100 a month. At the time we did not understand what was going on.
    As things have been tight with money we were wondering would there be any way to get our money back?

    1. Hi Katy. There is a good chance that this is a whole life policy or other permanent policy. You may have accumulated some cash surrender value, or you may not have anything substantial yet accumulated since 2 years is a short period of time for a whole life policy to build much value. If it is a universal life policy, you may have more cash value, or you may not. The only way to know for sure is to call the life insurance company and ask what you will receive if you surrender the policy. Be aware that surrender charges may also apply since it is the first couple of years of ownership.

  8. Hi, i was new in my life insurance policy.. it was 10years to pay and I had only 1 year paying it (monthly debit to my account). i want to cancel my insurance. Is it possible to cancel and have a refund?

    1. You will not get a refund unless the policy is specifically a return of premium policy, and even if it is you probably need to make payments on the policy for the entire term duration. If the policy is a permanent form of life insurance you may be able to surrender the policy for it’s cash value, which after one year is likely less than you paid in unless you made large initial payments.

  9. Hi. My husband and I have been paying into a life insurance policy for over 20 years with Sunlife. Our financial advisor recently retired. We now have someone new. He asked us if we are aware that our policy payments will increase to $800.00 a month in 2026 when we both attain senior retirement status. I was blown away by this. We currently pay $173.00 for the two of us and our three children. The children’s term policies are for their burial only. How do we get out of this set up. We will not afford $800.00 a month when we retire. Please advise.

    1. Hi Rita. It sounds like you have a term life insurance policy, and the renewal rate is $800 a month. You should look for a new policy right now since it will almost certainly be cheaper. If you have a 30-year term policy, you can actually retain the coverage in year 31 but your premiums are no longer level. The only time you should pay a term renewal rate is if you do not qualify for life insurance anymore due to a deterioration of health. Replace the policy now, or consider whether or not you really still need life insurance since your retirements will hopefully cover living expenses should you or your Husband pass away. Feel free to get a quote here at Life Ant, it only takes 3 or 4 minutes and you can compare prices.

  10. I purchased a whole life policy in 1997, I’ve been paying the premiums all the time. I took out a loan of $5K, I’ve been paying the interest only. Now, I want to cancel my policy or surrender it. Will I get any money from it? I got it from Chase Bank, I don’t remember the name of it, then it changed to Wilton Reassurance.

    1. Hi Colleen, unfortunately, it is impossible to tell given the information that you provided. You should have a positive cash value and should receive money upon surrender, but the amount of money that you receive could be anything from a few dollars to hundreds of thousands of dollars, depending upon your face amount, the premium paid, insurance rating, and your dividend experience and option chosen. You need to contact your life insurance company directly and ask for the current cash surrender value. You can also ask for an illustration, which will show you the projection for surrender value in future years.

  11. I have cancelled my life policy in July 2019 ,then by August still paid for the policy nothing determined how will I get back cash they have deducted for three years my policy was active

    1. Was your policy a permanent policy and did you have a positive surrender value? Three years is not a lot of time for a permanent life insurance policy to accrue cash value, but it could have significant value depending upon your face amount and the amount of premium paid, and the type of life insurance. If your policy is a term policy, you do not have any surrender value.

  12. I have been paying my life cover for maybe 6 months now n i feel that i want to cancel it will i be able to get a refund on the installments i payed

    1. No you can not get a refund. If the policy has any cash surrender value you can surrender the policy for the cash value. If it is a term policy you will lose the money that you paid into the policy, which hopefully was not too significant over only 6 months.

  13. Is it possible to purchase some type of life insurance policy, then turn around and sell it for, say 50% of the face value, with the buyer taking over the premium payments as well? Of course the buyer would receive the full face value upon my death. I’m 66.

    1. Gill if it was that easy to make money for free, everyone would be rich. No you can not do this. The premium payer (buyer) would do a calculation and realize that they will probably expect to pay premiums for another xxx amount of years, let’s say 19. They will use a pricing method such as a discounted cash flow method based on their expected cash outlay and desired return. You will find that your policy will be virtually worthless with the expectation that the buying party will pay the majority of the premium payments over the life of the contract. This type of sale is called a viatical settlement, by the way, and there is a very robust market for it with very established pricing methods. Had you taken out the policy years ago and paid a higher percentage of the expected premium over the lifetime of the contract, you would be able to sell the policy for much more.

  14. I took out a Whole Life ins policy when my daughter was born over 20 yrs ago. I had a Child Level Term Rider added at the time, but it was supposed to end when she was 22. She’s now 29 but I keep getting charged for the Cost of the Rider & have tried many time to cancel that portion of the billing (as it states on the paperwork, call to cancel once she reaches age 22) but they never cancelled the CLTR and I keep getting charged for it. Can I get reimbursed for the years I paid for the cost of the CLTR from the insurance company, since she’s way older than 22? It’s about 9 yrs worth of CTLR charges. I plan on keeping the Life Insurance, but the CLTR should not be on it. Thank you in advance, for your time and consideration.

    1. You should find an agent who works for the company and have them investigate and advocate on your behalf. If the insurance company made a mistake, they will be obligated to correct it. The agent will have a fiduciary obligation to help you.

  15. Hy there… I’ve been paying for a whole life insurance for 24 months and I decided that I want to cancel it. Should I expect any cashback or premium payment to be paid to myself? I’ve been paying my monthly premiums.

    1. Possibly but I wouldn’t count on it being a significant cash surrender value. The value is near 0 for the first few years of most policies, but it can depend on a lot of factors.

  16. Hy there… I’ve been paying for a term of whole life insurance policy for 24 months and I decided that I want to cancel it. Should I expect any cashback or premium payment to be paid to myself? I’ve been paying my monthly premiums.

    1. Andrew @ LifeAnt

      Hi Vernon,
      If it’s a whole life policy, then you would first have to take out the cash value that’s built up before cancelling the policy; they don’t automatically give it to you. If you’ve only been paying for 2 years, there won’t be much cash value built up.

  17. Hi,

    I have a whole life policy that I’ve been paying for the last 20 years. Recently, I have gone through some hardship and can no longer make the premium payments on it…I am willing to surrender my policy since I just recently had open heart procedure done. I will no longer be able to reinstate because of my aging health and age. Will I be able to recoup any cash if I willingly surrender the policy?

    1. Yes, if there is a cash surrender value. Do you have any existing loans?

  18. My husband has a term life insurance policy through the post office and has continued to pay on it for over 30 years or more. He said it is a different kind of term where it lasts his whole life. That doesn’t make sense to me. Can we borrow off of it or against it if it is term that lasts his whole life? Someone told him it doesn’t expire and no matter when he dies I will be paid. Thanks

    1. If it is a “term policy” even if coverage is indefinite such as a group policy, it likely does not have a cash surrender value. You could consult a viatical settlement firm to see if they can purchase the rights to the benefit.

  19. we have a term life insurance that we have been paying for probably 40 years and I received a letter saying the coverage would be ending this year. Is there any way to recoup any cash settlements since we are still alive and don’t have a medical death sentence hanging over us? Would it be advisable to call the insurance company directly or is there someone else to contact who would be able to discuss this. We would like to be able to get some money out of the years we have paid premiums. We are in our 70’s and our children are grown with children of their own and we don’t want to be paying any more premiums. But the thought that you just lose all that you put into it just doesn’t seem quite right. Comments please.

    1. Andrew @ LifeAnt

      Hi Debbie,
      There are different types of policies where you would be able to receive some money back. A Return of Premium Term policy would give you 100% of your premiums back at the end of the term, while permanent life insurance policies build up cash value. But if you only have a standard term policy, that is part of the catch of those; that you won’t receive any money back at the end of the term. That is partly why they are the cheapest type of policy to buy.

  20. I have a whole life policy I have been paying for 35years I took out a loan on the policy but have been paying all interest when due
    This last payment I made to the agent at prudential she accepted on the 9th it was due on the 12th I paid it directly to her she did not deposit until 2 weeks later so they terminated my policy I have the check showing I paid on the 9th and her not deposited until after the due date
    What would you do.
    Can I take any legal action

    1. Andrew @ LifeAnt

      Hi Michael,
      It’s possible you can speak with an attorney who specializes in life insurance cases, yes. You could also try to deal with the company directly and show them that you paid your premium and that it wasn’t deposited until 2 weeks later. But at the very least, you should be able to speak with an attorney and possibly sue the company if they won’t reinstate your policy.

  21. Hi…my ex and I purchased a life ins. policy for our daughters benefit 20 yrs.ago. Our daughter has reached emancipation age and the obligation for me to pay it is over. The ex is the owner of the policy and we don’t communicate. The ins co will not give me any info on it since I’m not the owner. Any ways around this?? I really need some info about the policy. Thanks.

    1. Andrew @ LifeAnt

      Hi Paul,
      Unfortunately no, there isn’t a way around it. The owner of the policy is the sole person who can make changes to it. Perhaps you could hire an attorney to contact your ex on your behalf and get this straightened out, or you could try to contact her directly about it as well, but otherwise you won’t be able to obtain any information.

  22. Hello, thanks for taking my question. Just met 10-year term life insurance policy END and the premium going forward to be paid monthly has tripled.

    I would think the next move is to shop another company for another term with a lower premium monthly rate for another ten years. Would that be the next step?

    Is there anything I should know before cancelling the afore mentioned 10-year term policy? Is it wise to overlap with the new policy to be found and if so, for how long? The first insurance premium is now a steep $372 a,month. The insured is my husband (64 years young).

    Any chance we would qualify for a portion of the first insurance premiums back (it is standard term)? Thank you your time and kind reply. 🙂

    1. Yes, you are correct. The next step should be to shop for a new policy to replace the existing one, which is now in the renewal period. You should make sure that you qualify for insurance before you cancel your existing one, but if you are in good health you should not have any trouble. You will not receive premiums back unless you specifically purchased a return of premium policy.

  23. I have been paying for a health life cover for less than a month now and am considering opting out, will I be able to get a refund on that when I decide to cancel that policy?

    1. Andrew @ LifeAnt

      Hi Simon,
      Probably not. Life insurance policies almost never give a refund back, no matter when you cancel it. Just about the only time that you can get money back is if you pay the entire term on a Return of Premium policy, but you won’t get any money back if you buy a standard term policy and then cancel it.

  24. I originally purchased what I initially thought was a term life, but later confirmed is a whole life policy with Farm Bureau in May 2013. I recently canceled that policy, and at the same time, I got a comparable whole life policy with Erie Insurance for just a few more dollars a month in premium. I did this in part to streamline my insurance companies, as long as the benefits and rates were reasonable and comparable. As a result of my canceling the whole life with Farm Bureau, I received a substantial electronic deposit that will certainly come in handy right now. I guess I am just curious as to why canceling life insurance is discouraged, especially if you replace it with another company. Thus far, I have not been penalized or restricted by any guidelines as a result. Actually, it feels like I received a cash reward. Am I missing something?

    1. Hi Susan, it is not necessarily discouraged. Whether the right thing to do is to cancel the policy or not depends on a lot of factors. Sometimes with whole life insurance, the longer you have the policy the higher your dividend payment becomes, and the quicker the policy gains value. Over time, canceling whole life insurance can be an inefficient use of money. You may also start a new surrender charge period. Replacing a whole life policy with term may make sense depending upon your goals, and lower your monthly cost. You received the cash value of the whole life policy. Note that term insurance does not have a cash surrender value.

  25. Hi my husband and i have been paying a reassure lifestages policy for 22 years if we cancel will we get our money back we currently pay £166 per month

    1. Andrew @ LifeAnt

      Hi Paula,
      Unless it’s a Return of Premium policy, then you won’t receive any money back if you cancel. Even on a Return of Premium policy, you would have to see out the entire term before they would give you all of your money back. Life insurance policies don’t refund money if you cancel. If you have a permanent policy, then you could take out whatever cash value has built up and then cancel the policy, but term policies don’t build cash value.

  26. Jenelito Juntilla

    I have life insurance called saving 8 years to pay, now i paid for 2 years, i wanted to stop can i get a refund?

    1. Andrew @ LifeAnt

      Hi Jenelito,
      Probably not, almost no life insurance policy or company offers refunds if you cancel. If you have a standard term policy, you still wouldn’t receive any money back even if you complete the term. The only way to get money back on a term policy is to have bought a Return of Premium policy, but even then you must first complete the entire term first.

  27. Hi I was forced by my bank to take out life insurance or they would not give me a morgage. This was 13 years ago. Iam no longer able to pay will I get any money back if I cancel

    1. It depends if you have a cash value. Permanent life insurance typically will have a surrender value, term will not.

  28. My wife, my two daughters and myself bought a 15 years whole life insurance with Metlife 2 years ago. I made a yearly premium. It is due on every September. I want to cancel it. Will I get the full refund for the premium that I paid in the last two years?

    1. No. You will get the cash surrender value. After only two years, you are unlikely to get a very high proportion of your paid in premium, if anything. You may also be subject to surrender charges on any cash value the policy does have. Contact your life insurance agent for more info.

  29. Hi
    My dad has an accidental death plan since 2007 and we have found out the last couple of days that if he does after his 70th birthday he has no policy to leave behind.
    In 13years he has had the policy he has paid over $377,000 and they told him he can not have any money back even if he cancels the policy.
    Is this right? Can he not get anything back after 13yrs paying the premiums and after thousands of $$ paid he gets not one cent back?

    1. Unfortunately, it may be true. Is it a Universal Life Policy? Or a Variable policy? I am assuming it is not term since the premiums have been so high. Did he take out loans? Unfortunately, Universal life is a very complicated product that only works well in a very limited number of situations. If this is your situation I sympathize with your family and it sounds like the agent who sold the policy did not do you a service. It sounds like it was the wrong product, or was structured the wrong way. Hopefully, you are entitled to get some money if you surrendered. If you do not, have you considered keep or replacing the policy?

  30. hi,Thomas,
    I have whole life policy from nationwide from 2005 for me and my wife. now I need money back for buying house . can I get my all premium money back.

    1. You can get back the cash value. It may even be more than the premiums that you paid, but it could be less. You need to call the life insurance company and ask what the surrender value is.

  31. Hi. My Discovery life policy was cancelled and replaced by a new policy at the end of March.
    For the months of April and May I have been debited for my old (cancelled) and new life policy.
    Have not been able to come right with my Discovery broker and I havnt been able to get the debit order reversed by the bank (due to covid 10)
    Please advise on how I can get the refund for 2 months premiums that I have paid

    1. Call the life insurance company directly! Work with the home office not the broker. If you still have trouble, go to the state bureau of insurance.

  32. Terri Ann Hewitt

    What is a want to cancel my life insurance , will I get any cash Pack

    1. Andrew @ LifeAnt

      Hi Terri,
      You almost certainly won’t receive any money back. If you have a term policy, you won’t be able to receive any money back. If you have a Return of Premium policy, then you’ll only receive money once you complete the entire term. If you have a permanent or whole life policy, then you would first need to take out your cash value and then the policy would cancel.

  33. I closed my policy for a higher policy the insurance company has to give me a check for my old policy. After 2 months I still have not received my money. When I called I was told I have to wait 6 months for my money because they wanted to make sure I kept my new policy. This did not make any sense to because I closed my old policy which I was entitled to the money. After talking to my agent he said he could summit an email to request the my money. My question is that legal? Should I not of gotten the money owed to right away?

    1. Andrew @ LifeAnt

      Hi Cindy,
      It’s not real clear what your situation is without knowing exactly what type of policies you had and what company you were with. If you had a whole or permanent life policy, then you should be able to receive all of your cash value if you take it out and close the policy, so you wouldn’t have to wait 6 months. If you have some type of term policy, then you probably wouldn’t get any money back. An attorney would be able to say if it’s legal or not, but if you’re referring to the cash value part then you shouldn’t have to wait any amount of time.

  34. We took out a life assurance policy about 15 years ago which we think was connected to our original mortgage and when the term was up we renewed our life cover with another company to date ie 5 years looks like the monthly payment continued to leave our account.
    Can we claim these monthly payments back as the policy ended with that insurance company?
    Thank you

    1. If the policy was surrendered or the term expired, it may be a mistake on the part of the life insurance company. If it is not and the coverage was rightfully in-force with no notice to surrender from you, you will not be able to receive a refund on a term policy. If the policy is a permanent form of coverage, you can surrender it for the cash value.

  35. Hi, I recently terminated my universal life insurance which I purchased Dec 2019. I found a better rate. Now I got a bill from this company 3x of monthly premium. Why they’re billing me? Is this normal? I always up to date of my payt.
    I thought I can get some money from them but not. Please advise.

    1. You do not need to pay it. Possibly it was to reinstate the policy, or maybe you withdrew the value of the policy without a full surrender. Either way, if you do not want the policy do not pay the invoice. Check to make sure that you surrendered 100% of the available balance.

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