• How To Get A Life Insurance Illustration

    Obtaining a life insurance illustration is free and easy.  This is especially true for level term life insurance, which does not require anything but some basic information in order to quote a premium amount.  A full illustration for other types of life insurance (whole life, universal life, or variable universal life) can only be run… Continue reading

  • What type Of Life Insurance Pays Dividends

    Whole life insurance is the only type of life insurance that pays policy holders an annual dividend.  Term life, variable universal life, and traditional universal life insurance do not pay dividends. A dividend is a payment made by the life insurance company to owners of whole life insurance policies once a year on the policy… Continue reading

  • Does it Matter Which Life Insurance Company I Choose?

    The answer to this depends upon the type of policy you need.  Let’s be honest, most people don’t want or need to speak with their insurance companies on a regular basis.  The most important feature of a life insurance company is being financially able and willing to provide the protection guaranteed in the life insurance… Continue reading

  • Can You Get A Life Insurance Quote Without Using Your Personal Information?

    Question – How Can I Get A Life Insurance Quote Without Divulging My Personal Info? Answer: Many life insurance quote providers, including Life Ant, do not require sensitive personal information like your Social Security Number (SSN) when giving you a life insurance quote.  We feel that client privacy and security of their confidential information is… Continue reading

  • What Is The Least Expensive Form Of Life Insurance?

    If you are looking for a cheap life insurance policy, the good news is that you probably have some options.  Life insurance rates also keep coming down over time as people continue to live longer and survive diseases better, and life insurance companies are continuing to add more product offerings to their lines.  Here we… Continue reading

  • Can Life Insurance Still Be Collected After A Suicide?

    Question – Will death benefits still be paid out in the event of a suicide? Answer: Most life insurance policies contain a “suicide provision”.  In fact, state law in most states requires that all life insurance policies include a suicide provision.This provision states that if the deceased dies as the result of suicide within two… Continue reading

  • How Can You Find Out If Somebody Had A Life Insurance Policy Before They Died?

    Question – How do you know out if someone had a life insurance policy before they died? Answer: It’s very common for family members to be unaware of life insurance policies that their loved ones take out.  There are many reasons behind this, most notably embarrassment and/or discomfort in talking about death. Either way, if… Continue reading

  • How Can You Tell If Somebody Took Out A Life Insurance Policy On You?

    Question – How do you find out if someone has a life insurance policy on you? Answer: You need to sign an application of consent in order to have a life insurance policy taken out on you.  If you did not sign an application, there is no way somebody has a life insurance policy on… Continue reading