Question – How do you find out if someone has a life insurance policy on you?


You need to sign an application of consent in order to have a life insurance policy taken out on you.  If you did not sign an application, there is no way somebody has a life insurance policy on you, unless it is fraudulent.

Instances of fraudulent life insurance policies are extremely rare because most life insurance policies also require medical examinations before being issued.

In addition, insurances companies also like to make sure that the person buying the life insurance policy has an insurable interest in the insured person.  Examples of “insurable interest” are a wife who relies on her husband’s income or an employer who relies on work from his/her employee.  Unless there is insurable interest, it is rare that an insurance company would allow a policy to be issued.

With that being said, if you still believe there is a chance that somebody has a life insurance policy on you, you can run a search with the Medical Information Bureau (MIB) for $75.


  1. I believe that there is a fraudulent life insurance policy on me.

    1. If you believe this to be the case you should report it to your State insurance agency. You can also notify the company that issued the policy if you know which company it was.

      1. Steven William Delaney Jr

        Checking to see if someone has life insurance on me. I have never filed. If that helps

  2. Never filed for life insurance. Want to see if someone else has

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