A medical exam is not needed to obtain a life insurance quote in most cases.  Life Ant will compare quotes with only basic information, and an estimate of current health.  Life insurance costs do depend in part on the assigned health rating, which is determined through a full medical exam and underwriting.  However, during the quoting process, a fairly accurate estimate can be given to most clients who do not have abnormal health conditions.  Usually, by taking into account certain factors such a whether or not a client has high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and by taking into account height and weight, an estimate can be given within about one rating class of accuracy.

To get a comparison of life insurance quotes from different providers, simply start by entering your zip code above.  You will then be asked to fill out some basic information about your age, state, and sex which is information necessary to give an accurate quote.  Fill in the form completely and press submit, and you will be able to compare quotes from all major life insurance companies.

You will be asked to estimate your health rating.  Read on below to learn how to give an accurate estimate.

Be Conservative When Quoting

Keep in mind that most people are not in perfect health, and it is unlikely that most of our clients will be either.  If you are slightly overweight, have elevated blood pressure, cholesterol, or take medication for any health issue we can say with almost certainty that you will not be given a top rating after underwriting review.  For a review of health rating risk classes, read our article here.

That being said, most people in reasonably good health will get one of the top three risk ratings, which generally correspond with affordable insurance rates.  If you are comparing quotes and would consider yourself to be in “normal” health, using a risk rating of preferred is a good estimate of your ultimate costs.

If you have multiple issues and are on medications to manage these, a standard health rating is a conservative estimate.

Understand that a full health exam and underwriting may uncover issues that you were previously unaware of.  No one can guarantee that the health rating that is used for a quote will actually apply after your underwriting and paramedical exam.  The only way to get an idea of what your rating will be is to go through a process known as a pre-screen, where some basic underwriting is done to estimate a health rating.

Quoting for Smokers

No medical exam is required to obtain a life insurance quote for smokers.  This special risk classification is very common, and life insurance companies all differentiate between smokers and nonsmokers as a risk classification.  Simply mark that you are a smoker on our quote form, and you will be provided an accurate quote from the Life Ant quoting tool.

No Agent Meeting Needed for a Quote

If you go to an agent to get insurance quotes, you will most likely be pressured into purchasing a product on the spot.  While an agent will not require a medical exam, many clients prefer time to consider their quotes privately without feeling obligated to make a decision quickly.

By using our insurance quoting tool, you will be able to view and compare quotes on your own terms, and in your own time.  You do not necessarily need to meet with a life insurance agent when you use Life Ant as a quote provider.  This feature is one of the most common compliments our clients pay us.

Quotes for People With Serious Medical Issues

If you have a serious medical issue such as a past heart attack or stroke, previous cancer that you have recovered from, or a debilitating condition such as ALS, there are special types of life insurance that may be available.  This is known as substandard insurance, and while more expensive than higher underwriting classes, it is available to provide protection.

While you do not necessarily need a medical exam, only a thorough underwriting will truly be able to pin down which substandard rating you will be given, and if a life insurance company is willing to accept you as a risk.  There are companies out there that specialize in substandard life insurance underwriting for these cases.  If you are substandard and think you may have a hard time getting life insurance, Life Ant has a great network of providers willing to work with you.

No Medical Exam Required for Quote

Getting a quote is free and easy, and with no medical exam required it also takes very little of your time.  Simply add some basic information to our quote form and you will receive the best-priced quotes from major providers.

We do not need to pull medical records, medical history, or run any medical tests to provide an accurate quote.  Answer a few questions, and in less than 5 minutes an accurate quote can be given.

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