Coffee Drinkers Beware! You’re Paying More For Life Insurance

Bad news coffee drinkers.  Despite some findings that coffee does not affect health adversely, a survey of 1000 coffee drinkers and non coffee drinkers who own life insurance, commissioned by Life Ant, has found that on average, the coffee drinkers are paying more for their life insurance than their non Read More »
life insurance for your parents

Life Insurance For Your Parents

As an adult, you may be financially stable. However, the death of a parent could cause a significant financial burden.  Due to increased life expectancies for the elderly, in recent years the number of adults who are over the age of 45 that are caring for elderly parents has increased. This Read More »
life insurance for diabetics

Best Life Insurance Options For Diabetics

When it comes to pricing a life insurance policy, most people understand that the insurance company will determine the person’s premium rate based on the risk the company feels it is taking to provide the policy. A person that is diagnosed with diabetes may be frightened of what their life insurance premiums will Read More »

Millennials Not Buying Life Insurance

After a survey we conducted on our site regarding millennial life insurance purchasing habits, we at Life Ant have concluded that the millennial generation is largely avoiding purchasing life insurance.  While historical purchase rates of life insurance by people in their 20's are not available, after consulting with industry experts Read More »
life insurance after heart attack

Buying Life Insurance After A Heart Attack

If you have survived a heart attack, you may find that it is tough to find a life insurance policy. However, it is important to know that it is not impossible. In the United States, heart disease is the number one cause of death and many of those who survive are Read More »

Travel Life and Accident Insurance

Life Ant is pleased to offer travel life insurance.  Travel life insurance, also called travel accident insurance, provides protection from a loss that occurs specifically if the insured person is killed (or injured depending upon the policy) while taking some form of transportation.  Travel life insurance is a great way Read More »

5 Reasons the IRS Hates Life Insurance

Besides protecting the financial security of families and other dependent people from a person's death, life insurance is also a fantastic way to pass along money while avoiding paying taxes on it.  The tax advantages do not end there though.  Many people may have heard that life insurance proceeds are not usually Read More »
Life Insurance Types Explained

Life Insurance Types Explained

For people new to life insurance, the information surrounding buying a life insurance policy can all be very confusing.  Most people must place a lot of trust in their life insurance agent, and hope that the agent has their best interests at heart.  Fortunately, most of the agents out there Read More »

New Mothers Are Severely Lacking Life Insurance Coverage

After a look  at what amounts of people of different ages of people use life insurance,  a survey conducted by Life Ant has found that new mothers are woefully under-insured.  According to the survey, Life Ant has found that less than 20% of new mothers under 30 have life insurance coverage.  Even more Read More »

The Basics of Annuities

An annuity is an investment sold by life insurance companies.  An annuity is a contract between an owner and the insurance company in which the owner pays money to the company in exchange for a guaranteed stream of income to an annuitant, usually for the rest of their life.  People Read More »

Children’s Life Insurance Explained

Not many people think of children and life insurance together, but buying life insurance for a child is actually very common.  There are a number of advantages to getting an insurance policy on your child or grandchild's life.  Life insurance can give a child a head start on saving while Read More »

Should You Buy Term and Invest the Difference?

The popular refrain among television pundits giving viewers advice about life insurance is always to "buy term and invest the difference".  "Whole life insurance is a ripoff!" they shout.  But is this really good advice for everyone?  Read on and LifeAnt will cut through the noise and help you to Read More »

Marijuana Users Discriminated Against By Life Insurance Companies

Despite a lot of strong evidence suggesting that marijuana is at least as effective as prescription medication for a number of ailments, life insurance companies punish people who use this natural remedy.  Even though marijuana use is extremely ubiquitous in modern America, the companies use archaic underwriting techniques for users Read More »

Save Money With Modified Coverage Life Insurance

Modified coverage is a less expensive form of life insurance which is unlike a traditional coverage life insurance policy because the death benefit changes over time.  Typically, the amount of coverage will decrease over time, which corresponds to a reducing need for coverage.  An example would be mortgage insurance, where Read More »