Life Ant is pleased to offer travel life insurance.  Travel life insurance, also called travel accident insurance, provides protection from a loss that occurs specifically if the insured person is killed (or injured depending upon the policy) while taking some form of transportation.  Travel life insurance is a great way to protect the whole family from the dangers of transportation.

Most people think that travel life insurance only provides coverage if the death or injury occurs during air travel, but this is not necessarily the case.  It was originally conceived because air travel used to be more dangerous.  The reality is that the chance of dying in a plane crash for most people is almost zero.  That is why today, most policies will provide protection if the insured was injured from any form of traveling.

This includes specific accident payouts.  For instance, if you lose a limb while traveling, or eyesight, hearing, or a digit, most policies will pay a specified amount, which may vary by injury.

Think about how often you drive in a car.  If death occurs from a driving accident at any time, no matter if it was for a vacation, work travel, or just driving to the supermarket, most policies will pay out.  It will even pay if you are struck by a car in most cases.

This also applies to boats.  Boating can be dangerous, and if you are traveling by boat there are inherent dangers.  Travel insurance would provide coverage from death or injury occurring from boating accidents (jet skis are usually excluded from coverage).  Other forms of transportation such as taxis (dangerous in many countries, bicycles, motorcycles, or even buses and trains are covered.

Medical Care

Many health insurance policies will not provide coverage for any care given outside the United States.  Without insurance, many international hospitals may deny care, or give sub par care.  What many people don’t realize is that travel life insurance also will provide medical benefits.  Depending upon the policy, this can provide thousands of dollars per day worth of care, and can cover medical expenses for up to a year.  Far more than most people would need.

If you need medical attention in another country, it is very relieving to know that you have the coverage in place to pay for the care.  This means that if an emergency strikes, even in another country, money will be no object to receiving top medical care.

Many trips are taken internationally.  International locations may have more dangers, and less available high quality medical care.  For this reason it is smart to have a form of insurance that will protect you on international travel.

Prices are Lower

For the amount of death benefit, prices may be significantly lower than they would be for standard life insurance.  Considering the accident and medical benefits, this can make travel life insurance a great bargain.  Underwriting the policy is much simpler, and there is normally no medical exam required.

Some policies will even pay a limited death benefit if a death occurs for any reason, travel related or not.

All Coverage is Term

All travel life insurance coverage is term.  Most policies start at 5 year level term, and longer term policies are offered by most companies as well.  Some companies may offer very short term policies, meant to cover one trip or instance of travel.  There is no cash value to travel life insurance policies, so whole life insurance and universal life insurance policies are not available.

Travel Life Insurance Quote

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  1. My wife will be traveling to California by air to take a Cruise to Hawaii and back and then returning home by air. My daughter and myself are remaining at home . I am looking for a life insurance policy to cover he total travel time.

    1. Please give us a call or start by filling out our quote form!

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