At Life Ant we don’t provide you quotes from one company, we provide you quotes from multiple major providers.  We allow you access to our pricing tool which instantly provides you accurate quotes from each company.  Most people compare quotes in order to find the least expensive policy available for the amount of coverage that they need.

Life Ant Saves You Money By Comparing Quotes From Many Companies

Life Ant is a site that provides a tool that you can use to find affordable life insurance solutions for you and your family.  By comparing quotes from many different companies, Life Ant allows you to find the lowest priced policy that will suit your needs.  We source our quotes only from major life insurance providers, so you can feel comfortable knowing that even though we are helping you find the lowest price, the life insurance can be counted upon to be there if you need it to protect your family.

Why We Cost Less Than An Agentlife insurance quotes

When you compare life insurance quotes, you will almost certainly pay less than if you go directly to a salesman.  A financial planner will always try to sell you insurance from their own company.  Most financial planners are really life insurance salesman, for agents, and they only make money by charging you a premium.  At Life Ant, we want to eliminate some of that premium by allowing you, the consumer, to look for your own policy by comparing rates.  If you can view prices from multiple providers, you can proactively approach the company that offers you the best deal.

At Life Ant we believe that you deserve to understand the whole marketplace, so you can make sound financial decisions for yourself.

We Only Provide Term Life Insurance Quotes

At Life Ant, we believe that it is appropriate for the vast majority of people to purchase term insurance, rather than whole life insurance.  We provide quotes for term life insurance, which is by far the least expensive form of life insurance on an annual basis.  While some advisers recommend using whole life insurance as a portion of a client’s investment portfolio, we think that term life insurance is sufficient in most cases.  Using term frees up other money for clients to invest in higher returning assets such as stock portfolios and mutual funds.

We only provide term life insurance quotes for our clients online because term life insurance is much easier to price.  A whole life policy can be structured in many different ways, including becoming paid up after a certain amount of time or using dividends to offset premium payments.

What You Need For A Quote

A quote is relatively simple to obtain.  The information that you will be asked to provide includes:

  • Your name
  • What part of the country you live in
  • Your age
  • Your gender
  • The amount of life insurance coverage that you need
  • An estimate of your overall health condition

After providing these simple pieces of information, we will be able to provide your quotes.  You can compare prices from different major providers, and choose to contact a specific provider if you wish.

How to Get A Quote on Whole Life Insurance

If you think that you may have a need for whole life insurance, or would like to discuss the possibility, please enter your information as if you are purchasing term life insurance.  After returning quotes, choose the company(s) that you are interested in working with and contact them directly or ask them to contact you at your convenience.  An experienced agent will be able to review your options with you after learning more about how you want to structure your policy.  Life Ant specializes in making it extremely easy for you to compare quotes and get the best rate possible on your new life insurance policy.

Why You Need To Compare Quotes

It is important to compare quotes from different companies even if you are working with a financial advisor or life insurance agent.  When you compare prices for yourself you get a feel for the market and you can be assured that you are getting a policy for an appropriate price.  You may also find a policy that costs much less than one an agent is making available to you.  When it comes to insurance prices, knowledge is power.

The Least Expensive Company is Different for Everyone

Life insurance costs can vary greatly from company to company, and from product to product.  This is precisely why it is so important to comparison shop, even before you speak with a financial professional.

Life insurance companies price each policy depending upon a person’s age, gender, and health history.  By dividing people into different risk classes, life insurance companies separate people based upon the odds of paying out a claim.  The confusing part for many people is when they learn that different risk classes are priced differently at each company.  This means that while for one person New York Life might be able to provide the least expensive policy, for another customer MetLife might have the best deal.  Only by comparing quotes for each person will you be able to unearth the best bang for your buck.  In today’s modern age, it is so easy to compare quotes online that every person should do it before purchasing a policy.

Why We Want to Be The Cheapest

We compare quotes because we don’t get paid commissions from sales, so we have no conflict of interest with our clients.  Your financial professional (life insurance agent) gets paid higher commissions when they sell their own company’s products than by selling products from other companies.  They also get paid more money if your policy is more expensive.  We want to allow you to compare prices so you receive the best deal, fair and square.  We have no financial interest in charging you more money than you need to spend.

Why You Need Life Insurance

Life insurance is a subject that many people do not feel comfortable discussing.  While it reminds us of our mortality, we all have an obligation to provide for our family and loved ones after we have passed.  This is doubly true in the event of an untimely passing.  Life insurance is all about being prepared for the unexpected.  Life insurance gives you the power to ensure your families prosperity after you are gone.

Uses Of Life Insurance

Life insurance serves many purposes.  You may be surprised to know all the reasons that people buy life insurance:

  • Life insurance can provide living expenses for a spouse, children, or family.
  • Life insurance can preserve or provide a retirement for a spouse living partner.
  • It can give a grieving family some respite from expenses during the time immediately after death, when they may miss work and have extra expenses.
  • Life insurance can facilitate the passing of estate assets on to beneficiaries by paying any estate taxes that may be due.
  • Whole life insurance serve as a investment tool by accumulating cash value, and providing a return on capital through dividend payments.
  • A life insurance policy can also provide a legacy to your family, even insuring money is available to your descendants generations later.  Many wealth individuals fund trust accounts with life insurance.
  • Life insurance is used for business purposes.  Sometimes it may facilitate a buy out in what is known as a buy-sell agreement, or it may compensate ownership for the financial detriment to the company from losing key people.

Tips For Getting The Most Accurate Quote

  • Give accurate information.  Prices can vary between locations, genders, and ages.  Sometimes the prices can vary significantly.  If you do not provide accurate personal information, your quote will not be very accurate either.  Life Ant does not use your information except to provide quotes.
  • Be honest and conservative regarding your health.  The health rating that you ultimately receive will play a big part in how your policy is priced.  If you have health issues such as high cholesterol, high blood pressure, or if you are overweight, do not assume that you will receive the best health rating.  It is better to be conservative when you get a quote and have your policy ultimately cost less than the amount that was quoted to you.  Remember that underwriting will decide your final rating.

    It is important to give accurate health information when you get an insurance quote.
    It is important to give accurate health information when you get an insurance quote.

Tips For Saving Money On Life Insurance

Nobody wants to spend more on insurance than they have to.  Life Ant was created to save you money by comparing quotes.  Here are the best ways that you can save money on your life insurance beyond comparing quotes.

  • Buy only what you need.  Remember, the more life insurance coverage you need, the more it will cost.  While it is better to have a little too much life insurance rather than too little, paying for unneeded coverage is a waste.  For help determining how much coverage you need you can use our needs calculator or speak with an advisor.
  • Shed extra pounds. Not only is it unhealthy to have excess body fat, but it increases your odds of receiving a lower health rating from underwriting.  Life insurance costs less when you are a healthy weight.
  • Take Prescribed Medicine.  Most people have some minor health issues.  You can still get very affordable life insurance even if you have high blood pressure or cholesterol.  The most important thing that underwriters will be looking for is that any issues are well controlled with medication.

Important Basics Of How Life Insurance Works

If you are unfamiliar with life insurance, life insurance is a contractual agreement between a natural person and an insurance company.  The agreement provides that in return for timely premium payments to the insurance company, the company will provide a specified death benefit upon death of an insured.

The death benefit is paid tax free to the named beneficiaries, and the beneficiaries are determined by the contract owner.

There are different forms of life insurance such as Term, Whole Life, Universal Life, and Variable Universal Life Insurance.  Each product has different features and costs, and each may have slightly different uses.  Regardless of the nuances of each, every product type shares the purpose of providing for loved ones, or even a charity, after an insured passes.

 Life Ant Helps You Understand What You Buy

Life Ant is here to help you understand each product, and help you compare offerings from all the major insurance providers.  This will help you receive the lowest cost policy, and provide the most insurance coverage for the ones you love.

Whether you are a current owner of life insurance and want to see if there is a less expensive option to meet your needs, or if you want to add to your existing coverage, or even if you are in the market for your first policy, Life Ant will help.  Please use our educational resources to learn about life insurance.  Please also feel free to contact us with any questions.