Life Ant is here to help provide the most affordable life insurance solutions to you and your family.  By comparing quotes from many different companies, and across different types of products, you can feel comfortable knowing that you are receiving the best price for your needs.  A financial planner will always try to sell you insurance from their own company, no matter how high the cost to you and your family.

life insurance quotesAt Life Ant we believe that you deserve to understand the whole marketplace, so you can make sound financial decisions for yourself.

We help you understand the marketplace by comparing quotes from multiple providers.  We reach out to all major life insurance providers, and find a list of the least expensive ones for your area.  Please feel free to use our quote tool to browse the list of the most affordable providers, and you can choose to speak with the company or companies that you want to do business with.

We compare quotes because we don’t get paid commissions from sales, so we have no conflict of interest with our clients.  Your financial professional (life insurance agent) gets paid higher commissions when they sell their own companies products.  We want to allow you to compare prices so you receive the best deal, fair and square.

Life insurance is a subject that many people do not feel comfortable discussing.  While it reminds us of our mortality, we all have an obligation to provide for our family and loved ones after we have passed.  This is doubly true in the event of an untimely passing.

Life insurance serves many purposes.  Life insurance can provide for long term living expenses after an untimely passing, it can give a grieving family some respite from expenses during the grieving period, it can facilitate the passing of estate assets on to beneficiaries free of taxes, and it can even serve as a useful investment tool.  A life insurance policy can also provide a legacy to your family, even insuring money is available to your descendents generations later.

Life insurance costs can vary greatly from company to company, and from product to product.  This is precisely why it is so important to comparison shop, even before you speak with a financial professional.

If you are unfamiliar with life insurance, life insurance is a contractual agreement between a natural person and an insurance company.  The agreement provides that in return for timely premium payments to the insurance company, the company will provide a specified death benefit upon death of an insured.

The death benefit is paid tax free to the named beneficiaries, and the beneficiaries are determined by the contract owner.

There are different forms of life insurance such as Term, Whole Life, Universal Life, and Variable Universal Life Insurance.  Each product has different features and costs, and each may have slightly different uses.  Regardless of the nuances of each, every product type shares the purpose of providing for loved ones, or even a charity, after an insured passes.

Life Ant is here to help you understand each product, and help you compare offerings from all the major insurance providers.  This will help you receive the lowest cost policy, and provide the most insurance coverage for the ones you love.

Whether you are a current owner of life insurance and want to see if there is a less expensive option to meet your needs, or if you want to add to your existing coverage, or even if you are in the market for your first policy, Life Ant will help.  Please use our educational resources to learn about life insurance.  Please also feel free to contact us with any questions.