Chronic back pain is an extremely common physical condition that affects people from all walks of life. There are a huge variety of things that can cause chronic back pain, which is why it is so prevalent. For some people, symptoms are very mild, while for others, they are so debilitating they actually affect their ability to work. And while a condition this common might not seem like a big deal, it can actually affect how much your life insurance costs. Any health condition technically makes you more of a risk for insurers, which is how they justify increasing your monthly premiums.

Back Pain Causes And Issues

chronic back painThere are so many different things that can cause chronic back pain. There are many spinal conditions that can cause chronic back pain, like a herniated disc, sciatica, or spinal stenosis. You may also experience back pain if you have another long-term condition, like arthritis or fibromyalgia. In cases like these, your life insurance premiums can be very high, because companies will factor in the underlying cause of the back pain when determining your premiums.

However, there are certain lifestyle factors that can also result in chronic back pain. For example, many people develop back pain because of a sedentary lifestyle. Sitting or lying down for long periods of time puts intense stress on the spine. Alternatively, you can also develop chronic back pain if you have a job or hobby that requires a lot of heavy lifting, as this can also put intense strain on the back and even result in acute injuries like fractures. You might even experience chronic back pain as the result of a surgery or other medical treatment that didn’t go as planned.

While anyone can experience chronic back pain, people are most likely to develop it as they get older. It’s also much more common to develop chronic back pain if you are overweight or obese, as the extra pounds can actually put a lot of pressure on your spine. Pregnancy can even result in back pain because of the way your weight is redistributed throughout your spine. When determining your premiums, your life insurance will look at lifestyle factors like your weight and your job. If they believe that your lifestyle may lead to an increase in back pain, they may raise your premiums even further.

Getting Life Insurance With Chronic Back Pain

If you do have chronic back pain, don’t worry – you can still get life insurance at decent rates. The key is that you take steps to prevent further health problems, which minimizes the amount of risk you pose to a life insurance company. Here are some of the things you can do to keep your life insurance rates reasonable even with chronic back pain.

  • Make sure you treat your chronic back pain and see a doctor regularly. If your back pain is under control and you see a doctor for regular care, you are going to be considered far less of a risk to your insurance provider than someone who hasn’t gotten consistent medical treatment.
  • If you have any mental health issues, see a therapist or psychiatrist to manage them. Depression and chronic back pain are often linked, and if you are depressed, your insurance company may use this as a reason to raise your premiums.
  • Eat well, avoid smoking, and exercise regularly. When you sign up for life insurance, you will need to take a physical exam, and your examiner will ask about your lifestyle. Life insurance companies charge lower premiums for customers who have these healthy habits. If you are overweight, taking steps to lose the weight can also make a big difference, because it reduces the chances of your back pain getting worse.

While your life insurance premiums will be slightly higher with chronic back pain, that doesn’t mean that you should have to settle for premiums that are outside of your price range. Take your time to shop around at different insurance companies to get a clear picture of your options before making your final decision. You may even want to hint to insurance companies that you are shopping around, as it might entice them to fight for your business. If you are still struggling to find an affordable plan, it may be worthwhile to see an insurance agent.

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