• How Can You Tell If Somebody Took Out A Life Insurance Policy On You?

    Question – How do you find out if someone has a life insurance policy on you? Answer: You need to sign an application of consent in order to have a life insurance policy taken out on you.  If you did not sign an application, there is no way somebody has a life insurance policy on… Continue reading

  • How Can You Find Out If Somebody Had A Life Insurance Policy Before They Died?

    Question – How do you know out if someone had a life insurance policy before they died? Answer: It’s very common for family members to be unaware of life insurance policies that their loved ones take out.  There are many reasons behind this, most notably embarrassment and/or discomfort in talking about death. Either way, if… Continue reading

  • Can Life Insurance Still Be Collected After A Suicide?

    Question – Will death benefits still be paid out in the event of a suicide? Answer: Most life insurance policies contain a “suicide provision”.  In fact, state law in most states requires that all life insurance policies include a suicide provision.This provision states that if the deceased dies as the result of suicide within two… Continue reading

  • What Is The Least Expensive Form Of Life Insurance?

    Question: What type of life insurance policy is this cheapest to buy? Answer: The least expensive type of life insurance policy judged by size of premium payments and cost of insurance is a term life insurance policy.  This is because term life insurance has no cash value, and expires before the insured is hypothetically expected… Continue reading

  • Can You Get A Life Insurance Quote Without Using Your Personal Information?

    Question – How Can I Get A Life Insurance Quote Without Divulging My Personal Info? Answer: Many life insurance quote providers, including Life Ant, do not require sensitive personal information like your Social Security Number (SSN) when giving you a life insurance quote.  We feel that client privacy and security of their confidential information is… Continue reading

  • Does it Matter Which Life Insurance Company I Choose?

    The answer to this depends upon the type of policy you need.  Let’s be honest, most people don’t want or need to speak with their insurance companies on a regular basis.  The most important feature of a life insurance company is being financially able and willing to provide the protection guaranteed in the life insurance… Continue reading

  • What type Of Life Insurance Pays Dividends

    Whole life insurance is the only type of life insurance that pays policy holders an annual dividend.  Term life, variable universal life, and traditional universal life insurance do not pay dividends. A dividend is a payment made by the life insurance company to owners of whole life insurance policies once a year on the policy… Continue reading

  • How To Get A Life Insurance Illustration

    Obtaining a life insurance illustration is free and easy.  This is especially true for level term life insurance, which does not require anything but some basic information in order to quote a premium amount.  A full illustration for other types of life insurance (whole life, universal life, or variable universal life) can only be run… Continue reading

  • Which Agencies Regulate Life Insurance

    Life insurance is governed primarily by the State, rather than Federal laws.  The law to empower states with regard to the insurance industry was passed by congress and is known as the McCarron-Ferguson Act of 1945.  This law grants that insurance regulation is largely exempt from Federal law, and gives state governments the right to… Continue reading

  • How to Improve Your Life Insurance Rating

    Going through life insurance underwriting can be a daunting prospect for some prospective clients.  You may be nervous, unsure of what to expect, and there is a lot of confusion about what the life insurance company is really doing with all your personal information.  You can take a deep breath and relax.  Life insurance underwriting… Continue reading

  • How To File A Life Insurance Claim

    A life insurance claim is a very easy process to go through from the perspective that they are very easy to file with the insurance company.  Though it can be a very emotional time on a personal level, modern laws and a fear of bad press means that major life insurance companies make the process… Continue reading

  • What Is The Best Life Insurance For Smokers?

    Tobacco users sometimes have a difficult time finding affordable life insurance coverage.  The cost of life insurance can be more than 5 times higher for smokers than it is for nonsmokers.  The problem can be compounded when smokers are also in bad health, especially from smoking related disease such as high blood pressure or emphysema.… Continue reading

  • When Should I Buy Life Insurance?

    The answer from most financial advisers is an emphatic “always” when someone asks them if they should buy life insurance.  While they may be a bit overenthusiastic in their sales recommendations, the truth is that there are many events in a person’s life that will create a need for life insurance. The academic definition of… Continue reading

  • What is the Best Life Insurance for a Baby?

    Choosing the best company to purchase life insurance coverage from on the life of a child has much more to do with the cost of the policy.  A life insurance policy purchased on a babies’ life will likely be an asset for the child well into their adulthood, and the intent is for the policy to… Continue reading

  • What is Mortgage Life Insurance?

    Mortgage life insurance is a term life insurance policy meant to pay off a mortgage should one or both parties responsible for the mortgage perish.  The death benefit on mortgage life insurance will decrease over time, with the face value always being approximately equal to the payoff amount of the mortgage.  The decreasing death benefit… Continue reading

  • How To Get A Life Insurance Quote Online

    The easiest way to buy life insurance is to buy life insurance online.  When you buy life insurance online, you are able to compare life insurance quotes before making a decision on which policy to purchase.  Comparing quotes let’s you get the best deal possible, and gives you all the information so you can make… Continue reading

  • Can I Save Money On Life Insurance If I Quit Smoking?

    Besides the obvious health and quality of life benefits, quitting smoking is also one of the best ways to save money on life insurance.  As anyone who smokes and owns life insurance can attest to, life insurance is extremely expensive for smokers.  So expensive, in fact,  that it can cost about five times more money for… Continue reading

  • Can I Buy Life Insurance Online?

    Yes, you can buy life insurance online.  Buying life insurance online can be more convenient than purchasing a policy through a life insurance agent, and   There are two options when you purchase life insurance online.  You can buy life insurance without a medical exam, and the entire purchase can transact online.  You may need to speak… Continue reading

  • What is a Guaranteed Insurability Rider?

    A guaranteed insurability rider, also called a GI rider, is a life insurance rider which allows the owner of a life insurance policy to buy additional life insurance with no underwriting.  A rider is an additional benefit to a life insurance policy beyond the death benefit.  Riders are sometimes added at a cost, or sometimes they may be a free… Continue reading

  • What is a Waiver of Premium Rider?

    A waiver of premium rider pays all life insurance premiums due if the insured person becomes disabled.  A waiver of premium rider is an optional benefit on many term life insurance policies, and may also be available on permanent forms of insurance coverage.  This is one of the most popular life insurance riders. The waiver… Continue reading

  • How Much Life Insurance Do I Need?

    To figure out the correct amount of life insurance that you need to carry, there are a number of factors to take into account.  In addition, because different types of life insurance serve different purposes, and have different costs, drawbacks, and benefits, it is important to understand how you needs are likely to change over time.… Continue reading

  • How Can Divorce Affect My Life Insurance Policy?

    If you are going through a divorce, one of the things that you may think about is how your divorce can affect your insurance choices such as your health insurance policy and your life insurance policy. You are right to question this as a substantial life change such as a divorce will bring about the… Continue reading

  • Is It Hard To Get Life Insurance If You Have High Blood Pressure?

    Question – I have high blood pressure. Will my life insurance premiums be more expensive because of that? Answer: One of the most common afflictions that people face is high blood pressure. In fact, there are 10s of millions of people who are diagnosed with high blood pressure. When applying for a life insurance policy, most… Continue reading

  • Is Variable Universal Life Insurance Better Than Whole Life Insurance?

    This is a common question for many people who have just visited with a financial advisor who recommended a variable universal life insurance policy.  The answer, unfortunately, is not as straightforward as you may hope, and the real answer is “it depends”.  The simple answer is that in most cases, a traditional whole life insurance… Continue reading

  • What Type Of Life Insurance Is Best For Me?

    There are four distinct types of life insurance (and countless variations of each of the four types).  The best type of life insurance for you depends upon your objectives, but most people will find that term life insurance, or sometimes whole life insurance is most appropriate.  Term life insurance is the least expensive form of… Continue reading

  • Should My Spouse Also Have Life Insurance?

    At Life Ant, we strongly recommend to most families that they opt to buy life insurance coverage for both partners in a marriage. While the need for life insurance may not seem important, especially to the young and healthy, accidents and tragedies unfortunately do occur. In the event of death of a husband or wife,… Continue reading

  • Do I Need Life Insurance If I’m Young And Single?

    If you are young, single, and ready to mingle (or not), life insurance might be the last thing on your mind. First of all, you probably have bills up the wazoo. Secondly, most young people don’t really like thinking about death so soon. Well, young people, its time we had an honest conversation about life… Continue reading

  • What Life Events Should Prompt Me To Buy Life Insurance?

    As you get older, your life insurance needs change. When you’re young, wild, and free, you might not need life insurance. But as your family grows and your responsibilities increase, so might the need for life insurance. On the other hand, if your responsibilities and debts diminish, so might your need to insure your life.… Continue reading

  • What is a Life Insurance Audit?

    A life insurance audit is a thorough and objective evaluation of one’s current life insurance coverage to make sure the policy matched the policyholder’s needs.  The fact is that most life insurance policies aren’t suitable for the policyholders, and most of the time, the policy holder is unaware of this.  According to Ash Brokerage, nearly… Continue reading

  • Should You Still Compare Life Insurance Quotes If You Are Working With A Financial Advisor?

    A life insurance agent or financial advisor can be a very valuable tool on the path to financial security and managing your finances.  Many people mistakenly believe that a financial advisor will find them the best deal on life insurance, and this is a mistake.  A financial advisor is interested in selling you the most… Continue reading

  • Can You Own Multiple Life Insurance Policies?

    The most common question that people ask when it comes to owning multiple life insurance policies is whether or not it’s legal. I’m happy to tell you that not only is having multiple different life insurance policies perfectly legal, if often times makes a lot of financial sense. Life insurance is built for protection. It… Continue reading

  • Is My Employer Sponsored Life Insurance Plan Enough?

    Many employers offer life insurance plans to their employees as an added employee benefit. While these plans are nice to have, the coverage offered by them might not be enough. Often times, these plans are very basic and will not offer enough protection for your family and loved ones in the unlikely event you die.… Continue reading

  • How Do I Make Sure My Life Insurance Company Is In Good Financial Health?

    It can be hard to choose a life insurance company with both good customer service and good financials. It seems that almost every life insurance company simply offers “the lowest rates in the industry” (or so they claim). Given the large number of shady and “scammy” life insurance companies out there, how do you choose… Continue reading

  • Can Cigar Smokers Find Cheap Life Insurance?

    If you are a cigar aficionado or you like to have the occasionally celebratory cigar, you might run into some issues when it comes to qualifying for life insurance. The reason for this is that the life insurance medical exam tests for nicotine. If you happen to have nicotine in your system from that one… Continue reading

  • Should You Get Life Insurance Before Getting Pregnant?

    It’s an unfortunate truth in our country that far too few young people consider life insurance before starting a family. Financial planning, in most cases, should begin before the wedding even happens. Unfortunately, most young people have busy lifestyles – with work, friends, extended families, and other responsibilities all taking up the bulk of their… Continue reading

  • What Is AG38 And How Does It Affect Life Insurance?

    AG 38 is a document of guidelines drafted by the NAIC in 2013 that addresses whether or not insurers have adequate reserves for certain types of life insurance policies (specifically – universal life insurance policies that offer secondary death benefits to policyholders). If you are confused, don’t worry, below, we will go into further detail… Continue reading

  • What Should I Do If My Life Insurance Application Was Denied?

    Even though its rare, life insurance companies have been known to deny coverage to certain applicants. While its “no big deal” to be denied life insurance coverage, it can sometimes be a shot to one’s pride or a wake-up call. Let’s take a look at how and why you can be denied and what you… Continue reading

  • How Soon Will A Life Insurance Death Claim Be Paid?

    When a loved one passes away, the last thing that anyone wants to worry about is a life insurance company delaying payment unfairly on a claim to the death benefit.  Major companies are usually very expeditious in their handling of death claims today, and most are paid within 30 days of the death of the… Continue reading

  • Is Term Life Insurance Risky?

    Some life insurance agents will tell you that buying term life insurance is a risky move compared to buying whole life insurance.  This is not true.  What is more important is to understand the purpose and uses of term life insurance.  Term life insurance does have limitations, but these do not necessarily make it a risk… Continue reading

  • Should Renew Your Term Life Insurance?

    Term life insurance usually has a feature built into the contract known as a renewal option or renewal privilege.  This usually gives the policy owner the right to renew a term life insurance contract for an additional period equal to the period for which the contract was originally written.  You can renew the contract without… Continue reading

  • What Are Perils, Hazards, And Losses?

    Three terms closely related to risk are peril, hazard, and loss. Peril A peril may be defined as the cause of a loss. Examples of perils, which can cause loss of life values, are economic aberrations, bodily injuries, physical and mental illnesses, premature death, and superannuation. Causes of loss (bodily injuries, sickness, premature death, old… Continue reading

  • Is A Term Life Insurance Policy Considered An Asset?

    Term life insurance is rarely considered an asset.  A financial institution would not consider a life insurance policy an asset unless it has a cash surrender value, and most term policies do not.  Term life insurance mathematically has value because it will pay out in the event of a death of the insured person.  Whether… Continue reading

  • Can A Life Insurance Beneficiary Be A Minor?

    It is perfectly natural for a parent to want to name their children as beneficiaries of their life insurance policy but there are a number of considerations when naming a minor as the recipient of a life insurance payout. Understanding and navigating that jungle is the key to making sure that the money goes to… Continue reading

  • Can Life Insurance be Cashed in Before Death?

    Yes, some types of life insurance can easily be cashed in before death for the accrued cash value.  If you need money and you have a life insurance policy with a cash value, there are way to get the cash from the policy without the insured person passing away. Typically, when someone thinks of life… Continue reading

  • Does Life Insurance Test for THC

    There are so many questions surrounding marijuana these days, as several states have already legalized the drug for recreational use and most of the others have legalized it for medicinal purposes. When you are thinking about life insurance, whether or not the medical test includes a drug screen and specifically- a test for THC is… Continue reading

  • Is It Good To Get Life Insurance Through Your Company?

    Many employers provide life insurance policies for their employees, and that is a very good thing. It’s an excellent incentive for employees, and it can prove to be very beneficial. However, while your company may provide life insurance, you may be wondering if it is enough to provide your loved ones with financial security should… Continue reading

  • Can I Get Free Life Insurance?

    Nothing in life is free, so the saying goes. Despite this old adage, people are always searching for items that are free, and if not completely free, that cost as little as possible; even life insurance. Life insurance is one of the most important “things” that you will ever purchase. It protects the well-being of… Continue reading

  • Do You Really Need Life Insurance?

    You have probably heard the advice.  It comes from celebrity financial planners, your personal financial advisor, your insurance agent, and everywhere in between.  The advice to load up on life insurance.  They say to get it if your young, get it if your old, get it if you have a family or even if you… Continue reading

  • Does Income Affect Life Insurance Rates?

    You have a family and they rely on you for so many things, including financial security. You wonder what will happen to your loved ones in the event of your death. Will they be able to survive without your financial contribution? Will they be able to continuing paying the mortgage and other monthly and day-to-day… Continue reading

  • Will Life Insurance Cover a Disability?

    How a life insurance policy works is pretty simple and straightforward. You purchase it, and in the event of your death, your loved ones will receive the funds provided by the insurance policy. However, what about if you become disabled? A disability, like the loss of a limb or becoming permanently bound to a wheelchair,… Continue reading